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New Feature Added to the On-line Bill Pay – Recurring Scheduled Payments.
Friday, June 26, 2015 at 10:00 AM

Our Recurring Scheduled Payments feature allows you to schedule a monthly payment once and then forget about it. You may choose to pay a fixed payment amount or have our system automatically change the payment amount to the Balance Due of the invoice. You may also choose when you would like this payment to occur. You can choose to have it paid on a specific day every month, or on the date your invoice is due.

 How are Recurring Scheduled Payments Different from Auto-Pay?


Recurring Scheduled Payments


Transaction Date

Selected by payer-a specific date or day of the month

All auto-pays are run on the invoice due date

Payment Method

Credit card or e-check

Credit card or e-check

Payment Amount

Selected by payer-can be full or partial

Total balance due on the account

Email Notification Reminder

3 days before transaction processing date

3 days before transaction processing date

Edits or cancellations

Must be made 24 hours before the scheduled payment date

Must be made 24 hours before the invoice due date

Log into the on-line bill pay system and click on my profiles. Choose Recurring Scheduled Payments and follow the instructions.

For more information, please call City Hall at 503 843-2347.
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