Community Development Grant Application Process

Thank you for your interest in doing good for the Sheridan community! The Sheridan City Council recognizes the good being done by the many organizations in the community and would like to show these groups their support through this Community Development Grant Application process.

The purpose of the Community Development Grant is to support non-profits and for-profit entities and organizations that serve the Sheridan community.

Community Development Grants are available to Community entities and organizations, non-profits and for-profit entities that serve the Sheridan community. Entities that are not designated non-profits, will need to meet at least one of the following criteria to be eligible for a grant:

•Provides assistance for essential utilities, food, medical needs, clothing or shelter.
•Provides educational or recreational opportunities for children or seniors.
•Generates/supports economic activity in Sheridan.

Grant Budget: The annual Community Development Grant donation budget is $10,000 per fiscal year, as approved by the Sheridan City Council. There will be a total of $2,500 available per quarter and each approved grant will be limited to $500 per grant. If there are remaining funds at the end of the fiscal year, then the council will contact past recipients requesting an additional application for the remaining funds. Grant Calendar: The 2022-2023 Community Development Grant application period is July 1, 2022 to June 30, 2023. The Sheridan City Council will consider Community Development Grant applications on a quarterly basis. Please see the quarterly application due dates below. For best results, download the application and complete it offline.

Please return completed application, letter(s) of support, and any additional information to Sheridan City Hall, Attention: Heidi Bell or email to