Project Schedule & Installation Process

When will my meter be installed?

Water customers will receive a door hanger notice a few weeks ahead of your meter upgrade. Customers in rental properties such as apartments, manufactured home parks, or commercial business suites may be notified of the upcoming install through your property manager or landlord.

What can I expect when my Smart Water Meter is installed?

For most customers, the impacts from installation will be minimal.

The City has contracted with Correct Equipment and its subcontract firm, GT Excavating to install the new water metering equipment. The installers are uniformed personnel who carry picture ID badges and travel in marked vehicles and will knock on your door prior to shutting off your water for the meter replacement.

  • No home entry:  Smart Water Meters will be replaced outside, exactly where your current water meter is. Since the meter is outside, no one will need to come into your home. 
  • No surprises:  On your installation date, an authorized installer will knock on your door prior to the installation to let you know that they would like to switch your water meter. If you are not home, the installer will leave a door tag letting you know that your meter has been changed and who to contact if you have any questions or concerns.
  • We respect your time:  Replacing the water meter requires only a short interruption to water service. Most installations will take less than 15 minutes, so your water will just need to be shut off briefly.  
  • We respect your privacy:  The City of Sheridan and its contractors will not ask any residents for identification at any time before, during, or after installation.
  • We respect your property:  The City of Sheridan and its contractors can complete most meter upgrades without disturbing the area around the meter box. If the installer cannot access the meter box, or major vegetation trimming or meter site changes are required, you will be contacted first. Our goal is to leave the meter site in an ‘as-good or better’ condition when the work is complete. You can help prevent access issues by ensuring your meter box is clear of any obstacles or debris prior to installation.

Possible air or discolored water after meter installation

Following the meter installation, some customers may experience air or discolored water from stirred up dirt or sediment in their internal plumbing. Although the installer will work to minimize these impacts, they are a normal result of work on the water system. 

Both can be cleared by flushing your system with cold water for a few minutes. We recommend using a fixture without a screen, such as a bathtub, to avoid trapping sediment.  We also advise avoiding using your hot water in any fixture until after any discoloration has cleared.

If you have flushed your system and continue to experience the issue, please contact City Hall at 503-843-2347 for further assistance from our Water Department.

Questions or concerns about your meter upgrade?

Please see our Smart Water Meter FAQs below or contact City Hall at 503-843-2347.