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December 2008 Church Fire

Water Treatment

Fire protection and potable water are the priorities of the City's Water Treatment Department. Spring water is obtained from underground springs on Stoney Mountain. Water is also obtained from the South Yamhill River. All water is treated and processed at the City's Water Treatment Plant and then moves by a gravity system to water storage tanks and onward throughout the City.

The highest water use is during the summer and the Plant produces about 32 million gallons of water each month during the summer. During those months the system operates at its maximum output. To allow for future growth and to avoid water shortages, the City is in the midst of a $7 million upgrade that taps into new water sources, can store 60 million gallons of untreated water, adds new and larger water pipes to the City, and increases water treatment capacity.

Federal law requires strict testing of our water quality. The City complies with or exceeds all requirements for purity and safety of the drinking water. If you would like additional information regarding water quality, attached is the current Water Quality Report.